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The Voice Revolution

Voice-commanded music is cool. Voice-commanded health support is game changing. HandsFree Health™ is the secure and HIPAA compliant in-home device that puts reliable health notifications, personalized services, and answers all in one place, where one voice matters – yours.

The brainchild of seasoned healthcare executives committed to simplifying health management, HandsFree Health™ speaks when spoken to, offering medication and appointment notifications, medical cost estimates, health answers, emergency support, and so much more. Consumers love knowing it’s there. Boost patient and employee health with the reliable, HIPAA compliant proprietary health platform that’s changing healthcare — and changing lives.

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Say Hello to WELLBE

And Say Hello to Peace of Mind

Get hands-free health help and answers — just ask. WellBe® is the HandsFree Health™ virtual assistant that connects voice recognition technology with health expertise, keeping your health habits on track easily, affordably, and assuredly. HandsFree Health™ is poised to become the next big at-home technology and the next meaningful user interface in healthcare. WellBe® is the premier voice-recognition platform dedicated specifically to the healthcare market.

Consumer Solutions

Business Solutions

Small Speaker, Big Savings

Even the best medicine is useless to consumers who forget to take it, and can actually do harm if taken with the wrong foods.

WellBe® is designed to increase adherence to medication and follow-up physician visits, leading to reduced healthcare costs and readmission rates, and better outcomes overall. It offers caregivers the peace of mind that their loved ones are safe, and that if there’s a problem, they’ll know. WellBe® does all of this in the place consumers and patients love most: their homes.

Voice Technology

Software as a (Small, Stylish) Service

WellBe® is as easy on the ears as it is on eyes, utilizing advanced speech recognition, natural language processing, and speech synthesis to deliver information and answers from any place in your home where it can hear your voice.

Cloud-based , secure and HIPAA compliant, WellBe® responds 24/7, is easy to use, and blends in with other smart home accessories. In addition to voice recognition, WellBe® is wi-fi enabled and includes color-coded light band recognition for each member of your family.

WellBe® is easy to install and comes with everything you need to take control of your health today.

Who We Are

We Understand Health

Led by seasoned healthcare executives with over 130 years of combined healthcare experience, HandsFree Health™ is committed to creating health and wellness platforms that keep you and your loved ones on track to good health. HandsFree Health™ is the parent company for WellBe® .

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