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2018 Facts

  • 80% of US adults are open to looking beyond traditional doctors for care
  • 66% are willing to use mobile apps to manage their health
  • 50% would use a DIY diagnostic kit
  • 35% have attempted to diagnose a medical condition on the web
  • 34% have downloaded at least one health-focussed app
  • 31% are interested in monitoring vitals with a wearable device
  • 19% regularly use a mobile health app

Set yourself apart and set your business up for success by offering WellBe® to your employees. WellBe® benefits individuals of all ages and can interact with the whole family-parents and children. Provides special features for seniors, disabled and the visually impaired. WellBe® assists families in a secure and HIPAA compliant environment with:

By making better health a habit, WellBe® can reduce your healthcare costs. Employees feel a difference, and your bottom line does, too.