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How WellBe Can Help You Remember to Take Your Medication (and More)

WellBe is an easy way to get personalized, hands-free, voice reminders without compromising your privacy and security. Here are some of the ways that WellBe can improve your overall health by helping you stay on track with medications: Personalized reminders. Once set up, WellBe speaks up at appointed times, offering reminders to take medicine, refill […]

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Less Worry, Added Safety: Why Caregivers Trust (and Love) WellBe

We talk with you every day: Men and women stretched thin caring for a senior you love. Some of you jeopardize your own wellbeing (emotional, physical, spiritual) in the process. We’ll never forget the words of one woman we met during WellBe’s research and development phase: “If there was someone or something that could make […]

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